Laura E. Henson, D.C. is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine and Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. She has a medical research background, which ultimately led her to chiropractic as a career choice. In addition, she always had an interest in natural healing and how alignment affects health, from which she has personal experience. If she's not working, she's probably running, hiking or working with the non-profit organization Las Candalistas. She is dedicated to serving her patients and community. She has been in practice in the South Bay for over 25 years.

About Laura E. Henson D.C.

"For over 12 years now, it has been my good fortune to be a patient of Dr. Laura Henson. Quite simply I would not have been able to manage my life and to keep working if it had not have been for her care. She is the best chiropractor I have ever known!  I have had complicated back issues my whole life. When I was 7 years old, I was hit by a car crossing a street. It was the 1950’s and I was “dusted” off and sent on my way with a few scratches and no apparent injuries. Much later in my life, it became apparent that this accident had left me with a significant spine scoliosis as well as trauma issues. It took me many years of searching for a chiropractor who could adjustment me in a way that would bring me not only pain relief but also assist me in healing. Dr. Henson has done just that. She understands the importance of adjusting the whole back, critical for someone with a scoliosis.  The techniques she uses allow soft tissues, muscles, and bones to release in a way that support the body’s muscular skeletal structure and promote healing.  Her ability to locate just the right places of stress, then to adjust them in just the right way, with just the right amount of pressure is invaluable. In addition to her great skill as a chiropractor, she is patient, kind, dedicated, in tune with me as a person, and professional in all she does. I am most grateful for all her care and support - I would not be where I am today without her." CQ, Irvine


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Dr. Henson exclusively practices non-force chiropractic. Other modalities, such as ultrasound and kinesotaping are utilized when necessary.  Advice on posture, stretching and nutritional therapy is given as needed.


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Iam currently not accepting new patients.

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First Visit:  $130.00, includes consultation, exam and treatment. This usually takes an hour.

Subsequent Visits: $65.00 These are usually 20-30 minutes.

Modalities such as ultrasound are usually included in the fees above. Kinesotaping has a slight extra change depending on area. 

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X-rays are not taken in this office and are usually not necessary. If they are,  in cases of trauma or to rule out pathology, you will be referred to the appropriate physician.

Payment Policy: You will be responsible for payment in full at the time of service, this includes Medicare. Your insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. I am not part of this agreement.  As a courtesy, I will bill  your insurance for you and  you will be reimbursed directly from them, including Medicare. Please note that Medicare only covers a portion of the treatment. There is always an out-of-pocket expense with Medicare. I am not a provider with any PPO except the ILWU.